2014 and Beyond – Looking Forward

time to reflect

So here i am on the second last day (technically the last day in a couple of hours) of this year 2013. The past few days has been a good time which allowed me to reflect how 2013 was and been. What forced me to make that ultimate decision, what make sense, what matters and what not, what important and what can be later, who is who and what are they in real and best is realizing the time is here and now that too much has been somewhat wasted on trivial matters that does not even matter looking back now. But all for good, it all happened for a reason and that is why i am here now and looking 2014 and beyond.

While many of us would wish and have this new year’s resolution, i am going to state here what i am going to do in the next 12 months day in and day out try my hardest best to stick to it no matter what, reminding myself that my time is limited – it is now and here.

The Life Promise  

1. Say Thank You to God when i wake up in the morning for i can still see the new day ahead.
2. Value every minute from the time i wake up from bed to retire to bed.
3. What i can do today and now, ill get it done without postponing it to the next day.
4. Help others who are unfortunate if happens to see them along the day.
5. Call my parents every two days.

The Enterprise Promise 

1. Treat every opportunity like it’s the first.
2. Read my niche area in between any idle time. Not wasting a single minute.
3. Master what I’m already average at and become the best in 12 months time.
4. Remembering that my youth is not forever but my spirit is. Make use every resources and available time to make it happen.
5. Take courage to try new things at least once a month.
6. Write everyday.
7. Read for at least 30 minutes everyday.
8. Never, never be self – assured but keep pushing the limit.

The Dream Promise

1. To never, never,…never give up the hope and why i started this.

The Career Promise

1. I’m not going back again to this but instead build my dream business.

The Deadline Promise

1. To remind myself, everything comes with a deadline and launch date.

The Ultimate Promise

1. The Future Is Here and Now. Do What It Takes and Make It Happen in 2014 and beyond.

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